Impact Hub in partnership with AXA and Swiss Re Foundation launch the Impact Hub Fellowship for Longer Lives. 

We launched the London stream of the  Impact  Hub  Fellowship  for  Longer  Lives in January this year. We had a great number of submissions from entrepreneurs  looking at  addressing  the challenges  of  the increase  in  human  life  expectancy, falling birth rates and an ageing workforce.

The focus of the new Fellowship programme is to create innovative solutions to the challenges and opportunities presented by an ageing society. Semi-finalists will be invited to the next phase to pitch their ideas to win over £30,000 of start-up support on Thursday 3rd April 2014.  Join us at Impact Hub King's Cross to meet the cohort and fellow social entrepreneurs working for the ageing population. 

Created in 2013 by AXA, Swiss Re Foundation and Impact  Hub, The Impact Hub Fellowship for Longer Lives is part of an international programme to be implemented in Oaxaca, Milan, Madrid and London. 

The Impact Hub Fellowship UK Programme will nominate  up to  three  initiatives  and  award  one  of  them a  twelve month fellowship,  gaining  access  to  seed funding, focused  skill  development,  valuable  networks  and  a  stimulating  workspace  at  Impact  Hub King’s Cross.


Fellowship for Longer Lives

The  number  and  proportion  of  elderly  people  has   been growing  faster  than  ever  in  most  developed  and  developing  countries.  This  gives  rise  to  very  significant  economic, social  and  educational  challenges,  but also to many opportunities.

Through  the  Fellowship, Impact  Hub  with AXA and Swiss  Re  Foundation  are  looking  for  innovative  initiatives  that  provide  sustainable  solutions  towards  meeting  the  challenges  and  opportunities  posed  by  the UK’s ageing society.

The  Fellowship  for Longer Lives invited  ambitious, purpose-driven  entrepreneurs  hoping  to  revolutionise  the  status   quo and  who find  that  collaboration  is  the  most  powerful  tool  to  generate  positive  impact.  Awards  will  be made to initiatives that offer scalable  solutions  in  the form  of  products  or  services  that  enable  changes  in  practice  or  behaviour  in  one  or  several  of  the  following   aspects:

• Organisation  of  family  life

• Education  system

• Corporate  economic  life

• Public  services


  • Financial support of £22,000 (a 12 month living stipend of £1000 per month, plus one-time seed-funding of £10,000)
  • 1 year Impact Hub Unlimited Membership: full time access to the creative space at Impact Hub King’s Cross (value £5,616)
  • Networking support from Impact Hub King’s Cross, AXA and Swiss Re Foundation: access to investors, partners, supporters, peer-entrepreneurs, media, and many more…
  • 1 year start-up support including a dedicated coach, education, expert support, exposure and access to talent (value approx. £3,000)



Fellowship News



So far ten start-ups have received the exclusive label "Impact Hub Fellow". Their ideas and business models can offer further inspiration for your application. Have a look at four of them below. An overview of all Impact Hub Fellows can be found here.

Fellowship Update: Age-Inclusive Design

Ilyanna Kerr is the Founder of See What I Mean, a communication tool for those living with dementia and their families.  As finalists of the Fellowship for Longer Lives programme in partnership with AXA and Swiss re Foundation, which supports…

Fellowship Prize

£10K Grant funding

£1K Monthly living stipend for 12mths

12 mths Unltd membership at Impact Hub King's Cross

Business planning support

Access to networks

Runner up prize

£1K Monthly living stipend for 3mths during cohort phase

3 mths Unltd membership at Impact Hub King's Cross

Business planning support

Access to networks

Important Dates

20th Jan 2014: Open for applications

6th Feb 2014: Idea development workshop

28th Feb 2014: Deadline for submissions

21st Mar 2014: Semi-finalists announced

27th Mar 2014: Pitching workshop

3rd Apr 2014: Semi-finalist pitch to jury



Impact Hub Fellowship on Climate Change & Environmental Sustainability in Partnership with WWF Switzerland (Zürich, 2011)

FUrbanFarmers is the first Impact Hub Fellow and deservedly so: He quit his job as a marketing director at a big multinational in order to create a more sustainable way of producing food. His venture “UrbanFarmers” has developed a unique aquaponic technology that allows growing both food and fish in an organic closed-loop system reducing water use by 90%. Besides the ecological aspect, the intention is to bring agriculture back to the city in a hyper-local way and therefore get people back in touch with their food.

Learn more



Impact Hub Fellowship on Creative Economy in partnership with Instituto Asas (São Paulo, 2013)

Periferia em Movimento is a communication collective of young journalists that aim to do journalism about, for and from the slums. It is a channel to shape public opinion, spread and promote socio, cultural, political and economical initiatives born and developed on the margins of São Paulo.

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Impact Hub Fellowship on Biodiversity & Resource Efficiency in Partnership with WWF Switzerland (Zürich, 2012)

Eaternity works to make climate-friendly food appealing and bring it to the table in order to reduce CO2 emissions. Currently, a person’s biggest CO2 footprint comes from the food they eat. Changing our diet is probably the easiest and most efficient step we can take to reduce global warming. Eaternity helps consumers become more conscious about their food choices through clever collaborations with companies, diners and caterers. It is possible to eat healthy, delicious and climate-friendly.

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Impact Hub Fellowship on Creative Economy in partnership with Instituto Asas (São Paulo, 2013)

Oca is a creative agency devoted to the production of high quality institutional videos, clips and audiovisual projects. The local community is involved in the development of these products and the suburbs are pictured with appreciative lenses.

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Coming soon! Stay tuned for details on a new learning programme to help scale your business.…


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