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Failure? What’s that?

Normally it’s an honour to be asked to speak at an event. Speaking at Fuck Up Night on 5th September, at Impact Hub King’s Cross was, well … you decide. My first slide was titled: ‘Failure? What’s that?’ Where I… More

We’re Hiring: Sunrise and Tea Time Community Cafe Hosts Wanted!

We’ve got a great opportunity for two energetic and highly motivated community cafe hosts to join the core team! Impact Hub King’s Cross is expanding its core team, following a series of successful years, and is looking for two friendly… More

AXA Corporate Responsibility Week 2017: Challenge accepted!

During Corporate Responsibility Week this year, AXA employees voted for their favorite social entrepreneur initiative featuring an innovative prevention solution to facilitate users’ everyday lives. The big winner was Alcove, by British entrepreneur Hellen Bowey. Created in 2014, Alcove uses… More

Celebrating inspirational community integration in the UK

The past months have seen our country devastated by a number of terrible attacks and tragedies which have hit communities hard. Yet we have also seen the strength of community in the way that people from diverse backgrounds have come… More

Why understanding your customer is key to marketing

“The aim of marketing is to understand the customer so well that the product fits him, or her, and sells itself.” ~ Peter Drucker   Does a product or service sell itself? Can a product or service sell itself? Will… More

Why Labour were right to focus their campaign on the young

Just the day before the Snap General Election here in the UK, members of the Revolution Hive team – including myself –  spent the day teaching young people not in education, employment or training about politics. The session we delivered… More

Party politics: Is it working, and what needs to change?

Looking back at the UK General Election in 2015, it was widely agreed that the campaigning and outcome came to display the debacle of the left. In fact, this did not surprise, us as when we looked for moments of… More

Eating well – it’s more than just what you eat but when, where, why and how!

The world is full of endless information advising us how to lose weight, stay healthy, avoid disease and live longer.   All have different authors, with different views and different favourite super foods. The one thing they have in common? They… More

Meeting the 3 challenges of becoming a Certified B Corp

From next Tuesday, Junxion will be running specialist B Corp certification workshops here at the Hub (with the opportunity to catch up on the first workshop at the later date of Friday the 9th of June). We as an organisation… More