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How can we ensure the world of work works for all women?

“Step It Up for Gender Equality towards a Planet 50-50 by 2030 by ensuring that the world of work works for all women”. This was the call of the UN earlier this year as the important discussion about women’s rights,… More

Lessons in 2017 Impact Measurement

Impact measurement is changing, and we need to change with it. Organisations that lead the trends and are ahead-of-the-curve are embracing a more embedded approach to impact management and adopting a real-time approach when measuring.   But why is it… More

Partnering with expertise to break down business challenges

  Due to the recent release of our 2015/16 Impact Report, we thought it would be great to give you some insight into the different ways that we have gone about supporting our members to develop themselves, develop their businesses… More

What I wish I knew when I became a social entrepreneur

Pausing to reflect … is not the same as thinking we are at the destination. Although I have been running Revolution Hive for a few years, and we have made a lot of progress since then, we actually decided to… More

Connecting Hubbers with their audience

With the billions, maybe trillions, of pounds that are generated in the fashion industry, getting people talking about sustainability before design and retail is not something many people would expect. Well, last year we certainly saw the tides beginning to… More

Welcome to ‘Inside Impact’

Considering we are just a year off of celebrating our 10th birthday, we felt it was time to give an even bigger platform to the members that make our Hub great. In the last 10 years, we’ve done a lot… More

Thinking of becoming a certified B Corp?

If you’re thinking of becoming a certified B Corp and are looking into the workshop’s we’re running here at the Hub, you might have a few questions! We’ve done our best to answer as many as we can below, but… More

Workers: Who is going to make our food?

  Hundreds and thousands of food workers have planted, fished, hauled, picked, packed, chopped, filled, repacked, boxed, delivered and served our food this winter. Did they get decent wages and civilized working conditions? After all, that’s the big question at… More

Bridging Cultures Roundtable Event

CAMDEN COUNCIL/KNOWLEDGE QUARTER/IMPACT HUB KING’S CROSS SIGNS UP TO BRIDGING CULTURES ROUNDTABLE EVENT   The third Bridging Cultures roundtable event planned for Kings Cross has received the endorsement of Camden Council, The Knowledge Quarter and Impact Hub King’s Cross, who… More