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How do you fail?

Culture and mindset in the design of a better world It’s been said that 80% of the world’s lawyers reside in the United States of America. For whatever reason (incentivised litigation, a hyper-individualism, etc.) the USA has propagated a blame… More

A U.Lab journey for Reinventing Democracy

A Closer look into Reinventing Democracy This is a guest post by Andy Paice U.lab is an online course that invites participants to go out and explore the world around them and use skills of awareness to sense what’s happening.… More

Can the ULab Make Politics More Appealing ?

What does it take to Reinvent Democracy? Guest Post by Lee Baker How can we make politics more appealing? Do we need laws to force politicians to work harder by making seats less safe, or to work less for big… More

2016 European Social Innovation Competition Winners announced

Four social innovators win €200,000 in 2016 European Social Innovation Competition Organisations from Germany, Turkey and Spain with projects addressing integration and reception of refugees and migrants in Europe selected to share €150,000 Integrated Futures prize  – plus 2015 Competition… More

Behind the scenes at U.Lab with Maria Fonseca

Week 2: Co-sensing The Future By Sharing Stories Part 1 Last September the U.Lab adventure began, with a total of 75,000 participants coming from 190 countries. Delivered by MITx free of charge through the online platform edX (co-founded by MIT… More

The right to food – what does it mean?

Elli Kontorravdis of Nourish Scotland sketches out what the right to food might look like in the UK. In the UK our domestic rights framework is centred on civil and political rights. This means that we lack experience of what… More

Empowering Mothers in the Workplace

Maternity As a Master In 2012, Ashoka Fellow Riccarda Zezza returned from her second maternity leave to a senior position in a large European corporation. Zezza observed that in corporate culture it was not unusual for employees to take time… More

Growing Resilient Organisations

Everybody is talking about Sociocracy 3.0. Here’s why. What is Sociocracy 3.0? Sociocracy 3.0 is a method for growing effective, agile and resilient organisations of any size, from small start-ups to large international networks and nationwide, multi-agency collaboration. It provides… More

Social Innovation from the Scottish Government at Impact Hub King’s Cross

Social Innovation from the Scottish Government at Impact Hub King’s Cross Wouldn’t it be fantastic if governments existed to empower citizens into getting together, listening to each other’s dreams and ambitions and enable them to co-create them into reality? Well… More