Over the years we have run a variety of programmes to help entrepreneurs and enterprises start and scale.

Heading into our tenth year, we are excited to grow our offering and make a difference to even more enterprises. 

Current programmes

Feeding The City Start Up

Can you imagine a world where city life and sustainable food go hand in hand?

In our rapidly urbanising nation, from production to processing and distribution to disposal, our cities are littered with examples of how not to do it.

We support people with big ideas to make a change, and to find solutions to these problems.

Feeding The City Accelerate

This 6-month bespoke programme helps sustainable food businesses grow and scale for impact.

We provide opportunities for growth by facilitating introductions to potential buyers and investors, as well a tailored package of support, including business diagnostics, training, expertise and mentoring.

Step Forward

Do you have an early-stage business idea you would like to develop, test and launch?

This structured online programme offers all the benefits of autonomous learning, alongside extra guidance to keep you on track. By the end you will have a developed idea with a plan in place to test it.

Peer Networks

This fully-funded peer-to-peer programme supports businesses in the food hospitality sector affected by Covid-19. Delivered in partnership with the Greater London Authority and the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, we help cafes, restaurants and pubs to receive tangible insights, find solutions and collaborate with peers who are experiencing similar challenges or opportunities.

Next Steps

Crisis UK and Impact Hub King’s Cross have joined forces to create a programme that supports Crisis members to launch a business. Next Steps offers start-up funding for potential businesses and gives access to educational workshops and mentoring that will help them to succeed.

Resilience Programme

We have reacted quickly to support social enterprises to pivot and adapt to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

We are currently running a 3 month structured programme to help social entrepreneurs build resilient responses to the current crisis.

New Roots

New Roots is a bespoke mentoring and peer-to-peer support programme for underserved communities. It opens up access to the resources, networks and expertise that they need to help transform their ideas into thriving enterprises and careers.


STREAM is a two-year programme funded by DFID and implemented by Expertise France in order to support in the creation and capacity building of Libyan start-ups and enterprises.

Impact Hub King’s Cross supports a team of changemakers in Libya to build an entrepreneurship hub in Tripoli. Specifically, we offer our expertise and share the benefit of our global network by delivering consulting and training around community building, space management, business development and sustainability, network building and the incubation of start-ups.

Czech Invest Accelerator

The Czech Invest Accelerator is for Czech enterprises that want to make a mark in London.

The three-month acceleration program supports entrepreneurs via mentoring, consulting and intellectual property protection services, and networking.