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Are Prisons Obsolete?

Apr 28th
17:45 - 19:30
Are Prisons Obsolete?
This event is brought to you by a collaboration between Impact Hub King’s Cross members. 

Why do abolitionists think society would be better off without prisons?

Join this event to explore this question and the range of questions it opens up. How do we recognise and respond to abuse and harm as a society? Should our criminal justice system see beyond an understanding of harm caused by individuals and their ‘defects’ to harm caused by broader societal problems? How practicable are the visions put forwards by abolitionists?

To deepen our understanding of the prison system, we will be spotlighting a poetry book this month, alongside an introduction to arguments around prison abolition put forward by Angela Davis.



Suggested resources to read, listen and watch:



The venue is wheelchair accessible.


The Wellbeing Economy Alliance (WEAll)

The Wellbeing Economy Alliance WEAll is a collaboration of organisations, alliances, movements and individuals working together to change the economic system to one which serves people and planet, first and foremost. For us, the question is how: that’s why we set up WEAll Read. It’s a book club, running in person in London, and online out of Kenya, exploring the ideas behind the wellbeing economy and how best to take action.

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