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Christmas Macrame Workshop

Dec 15th
17:30 - 19:00
Christmas Macrame Workshop

One of the most fulfilling things is creating something beautiful and useful with a few materials and your own hands. Are you ready to lift up the Christmas spirit in these difficult times? Let’s come together and tie some knots!

Join this workshop and we will make together some petite macrame Christmas ornaments you can hang on your Christmas tree or create a garland with them and treasure for years to come.

Watch this video to get a flavour!

So grab a drink, maybe your Christmas jumper, definitely your Christmas mood and get ready to be creative and to enjoy while meeting new people.

Join us via Zoom on the 15 December, 5:30 – 7pm. Please note this is a member-only event.



As working basics:
  • A firm cushion or a towel rolled up (and possibly laced so it doesn’t unroll)
  • Pins
The thread should be preferible cotton thread, can be a household string. Something in between 1 and 2 mm thick.
Decoration 1:
  • Cinnamon stick (minimum 6 cm length)
  • 10 strings 60 cm long
Decoration 2:
  • 1 string 50 cm long
  • 1 string 120 cm long
If you want to use thicker thread than 2mm, please cut them a bit longer.
Decoration 3:
  • 1 strings 40 cm long
  • 12 strings 10 cm long
  • 14 strings 15 cm long
  • Pattern to have ready before the workshop. To make it you just need to fold a piece of paper on a half, mark 4 cm width and 10 cm height, trace a line and cut it. When open you should get a triangle shape Christmas-tree-like.

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