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Food Talks

Jun 25th
18:30 - 21:00

The second event in our Food Talks series – brought to you by Impact Hub Kings Cross in partnership with the Food Ethics Council, Organico and Think.Eat.Drink – is entitled “How much should we pay for our food?”. It takes place at 6.30pm on 25th June 2015 and features leading speakers, Professor Martin Caraher (Professor of food and health Policy, City University, London) and Richie Hardwicke (Head of Corporate Services, EMEA at Trucost and expert in true cost accounting). The discussion will be chaired by Dan Crossley, Executive Director of the Food Ethics Council.

We will look at whether food is too cheap or too expensive? Too cheap because the real cost of food is not factored in, farmers are sometimes not paid the cost of production while environmental and health costs of unhealthy diets stretch to billions of pounds? Too expensive because queues are forming outside food banks and hundreds of millions around the world are going hungry? There will be presentations and a q&a session followed by a delicious and free buffet supplied by co-sponsors Organico and T.E.D.

The idea of our Food Talks series is to stimulate debate and constructive thinking about the issues that surround the world of food. Future Food Talks are planned for September 24th and December 10th. Please join us.

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