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What are the culture wars and why should we care about them?

May 25th
17:45 - 19:45
What are the culture wars and why should we care about them?

Join our member’s monthly event series to discuss a range of interesting topics.

WEAll Read is a group of friendly, open Londoners exploring the ideas connected to the broken nature of the political economy and ideas around transformation. We aim to have fun as well as great discussions, finding like-minded people in the Big Smoke.

About the session:

Ever felt like you were talking to someone, either online or in person, about a topic that commonly gets invoked under the culture wars, and felt the heat rising pretty quickly?

Come and join us on 25th May as we unpick why there is so much vitriol and hatred unleashed over certain topics, and most often those that relate to gender, sexuality, and race, digging deeper into why the left and right are pitted against each other on particular topics and why discussions about culture are important reflections of where we want to go as a society. After a discussion around what the culture wars are and where they emerged from we will finish the session discussing ways put forwards in the podcast below ‘Culture Wars’ on the methods to get around hatred and vitriol and build common understanding between different groups.

There is no book this month to give us time to read a book for the end of June. The springboard for this discussion is the Weekly Economics Podcast below, which can be supplemented with further resources also found below.



Suggested resource to listen:

Podcast: ‘Culture Wars’ (45mins)

Further listening/reading: Culture Wars: The Rest is History (the first 5 minutes provide an interesting contrast to the NEF’s podcast)

Join the Whatsapp group to exchange more resources and chat about the theme



The venue is wheelchair accessible.


The Wellbeing Economy Alliance (WEAll)

The Wellbeing Economy Alliance WEAll is a collaboration of organisations, alliances, movements and individuals working together to change the economic system to one which serves people and planet, first and foremost. For us, the question is how: that’s why we set up WEAll Read. It’s a book club, running in person in London, exploring the ideas behind the building of a wellbeing economy.

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