Feeding the City Start Up

Can you imagine a world where city life and sustainable food go hand in hand? In our rapidly urbanising nation, from production to processing and distribution to disposal, our cities are littered with examples of how not to do it.

We support people with big ideas to make a change, and to find solutions to these problems.

We are offering a free 12-month incubation programme. The programme is nation-wide and open to groups passionate about creating sustainable food-related businesses that benefit communities.



How it works

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Learn more about the programme and meet like-minded people at your local Idea Generating Workshops! 

Join a webinar to ask any application-related questions:

Find out more and whether the programme is right for you on our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) sheet. If you have any further questions, please email Emma at Emma.Lange@impacthub.net.



Do you have an existing sustainable food business that is ready to scale? Check out Feeding the City: Accelerate, our 6 month growth programme designed to help you overcome the key challenges that sustainable food businesses face when they come to scale.