What is it?

GoCommunities is a bespoke mentoring and peer-to-peer support programme for entrepreneurial refugees to help them access the resources, networks, and expertise to transform their ideas into thriving enterprises and careers.

This programme, delivered by IHKX with the support of GoDaddy, will support a cohort of refugees in identifying and pursuing medium- to long-term professional goals and break the barriers to entrepreneurship. Precise development goals are established based on the specific needs and interest of each individual participant to set a goals-oriented career development plan that will enhance their skills, confidence and social capital.

Through structured mentoring relationships, complemented by training and capacity building workshops, GoCommunities will support the participating refugees to find jobs or to seek the entrepreneurship journey.

Who is it for?

Entrepreneurial refugees & entrepreneurs interested in supporting them (mentors).

Become a mentor!

Sign up to become a mentor here: https://goo.gl/forms/NOosyyRU8xX7llTw2

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