Welcome to the Impact Hub King’s Cross 2017 Impact Report. Our report last year focused on collaboration – a cornerstone principle for the Impact Hub Network. This time, we felt that “growth” was the word that most captured the achievements of our network and members in the past year.

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Hub members Shayla and Adam from Junxion [see their story on pages 10-11]
Our Global Network reached over 100 Hubs, and the launch of one in particular made us truly excited: Impact Hub Inverness, the first in Scotland. We were honoured in helping them become an Impact Hub.

Becoming the UK’s first collaborative workspace to be certified as a B-Corp was an important landmark, and summed up many of the efforts we make every day to be a business that works for all our stakeholders.


Manuel from Sunntics, part of the EOI. [You can read his story on pages 22-23]
Manuel from Sunntics, part of the EOI. [You can read his story on pages 22-23]
We continued our work with the European Commission, and helped design The Social Challenges Innovation Platform, which has quickly positioned itself as the most important online tool for social enterprises that want to scale across the continent.


Helping impact-driven businesses to scale remained central to our work. Scaling across borders was at the heart of the AXA Prevention with Impact and the EOI European Coworking programmes, two initiatives that have helped us consolidate our position as one of the main British organisations successfully supporting social enterprises that want to internationalise.

We are proud of the growth we have experienced individually and as a network, but what truly gets us out of bed in the morning is the knowledge that we have been able to play a crucial part in enabling members like the ones you’ll hear from in this report to scale their businesses for an ever greater impact in our world. Growing (up) has never felt so good!


Alberto Masetti-Zannini, Strategy Director


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