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Making change happen is never easy. However, when we started out we started out, we did so with the aim of growing, collaborating and learning from one another. We grew from strength to strength and by 2015 we had collected enough tangible data regarding the impact that we were making. Ever since, we have produced yearly impact reports. These impact reports not only share the data we have collected, but also some of the wonderful stories from our community.

We hope that you enjoy reading them as much as we do!

Our 2020 Impact Report

Impact Report 2020 Cover

In a year like no other, the ability to pivot and remain resilient were crucial for most individuals and businesses. We aimed to highlight these collective efforts in our Impact Report 2020, which we are pleased to share with you.

This report captures the inspiring collaboration, determination and innovation from our community while aiming to create a better future.

Our 2019 Impact Report

We know that change can’t happen in isolation, that it requires collective action. We are so proud to share the impact that we have been able to make in provoking change together, with our programmes and through supporting our members, in 2019.

Get inspired by the stories behind our programmes changing lives and making the world a better place. We are committed to continuing impact and look forward to continuing to Provoke Change Together in 2020! 

Our 2018 Impact Report

Ten years ago we set out to bring like-minded changemakers together under one roof to grow, collaborate and learn from one another. Soon, we embarked on a journey that not many people had been on before.

It took ten years of courage, resilience and collaboration to grow our community and consolidate our own expertise within Impact Hubs Global Network. Now, as we embrace the next decade, we’re excited to discover what lies ahead.

Here you will find our story, as laid out in the key themes of Courage, Resilience, Collaboration and Growth.

We invite you to to explore the stories behind these motifs and join us as we embark on the next ten years of creating Impact, together.

Our 2017 Impact Report

Our report last year focused on collaboration – a cornerstone principle for the Impact Hub Network. This time, we felt that “growth” was the word that most captured the achievements of our network and members in the past year. 

Our Global Network reached over 100 Hubs, and the launch of one in particular made us truly excited: Impact Hub Inverness, the first in Scotland. We were honoured in helping them become an Impact Hub. Becoming the UK’s first collaborative workspace to be certified as a B-Corp was an important landmark, and summed up many of the efforts we make every day to be a business that works for all our stakeholders. Scaling across borders was at the heart of the AXA Prevention with Impact and the EOI European Coworking programmes, two initiatives that have helped us consolidate our position as one of the main British organisations successfully supporting social enterprises that want to internationalise.

We are proud of the growth we have experienced individually and as a network, but what truly gets us out of bed in the morning is the knowledge that we have been able to play a crucial part in enabling members like the ones you’ll hear from in this report to scale their businesses for an ever greater impact in our world. Growing (up) has never felt so good!

Alberto Masetti-Zannini, Strategy Director

Our 2016 Impact Report

In 2015, The Impact Hub Global community celebrated 10 years of supporting those who pioneer social change.

The global Impact Hub network is now close to opening its 100th Impact Hub. Along the way, we have discovered that the strength that lies beneath the numbers is how we empower others, fearlessly dreaming together to become the drivers of innovation. 

In this report for 2015-2016, we take a look through the eyes of our members to examine one of the core values of the Impact Hub community: the value of connection.

We invite you to explore with us seven stories as we venture into the heart of Impact Hub King’s Cross and see how our relationships combined with initiatives, events and programs facilitate a breeding ground for connection and collaboration which generate a much greater impact than we could ever attain individually.

Our 2015 Impact Report

It’s a great pleasure to introduce our latest Impact Report in our 7th anniversary year at Impact Hub King’s Cross and the 10th anniversary of the Impact Hub network.

We have always believed that the key to a better future for our world depends on the collaborative efforts of inspired and passionate individuals and teams coming together to make great things happen.

Our member community continues to be an ongoing source of inspiration to us in this respect, and it is our pleasure and an honour to be able to support our members in their own journeys to develop and scale their businesses.

It is good to see in this report that, just like us, the vast majority of our members put impact before profit. However, we also understand that profit supports impact by making businesses self-sustaining.

That is why we continue to strive to inspire, connect and enable our members to scale their businesses. The report highlights that we can still do more, especially to provide more concrete enabling support, and this is the clear focus of our main programmes such as Benisi and the Impact Hub Scaling Programme. We look forward to developing more such programming in the future and building on the success of these initiatives.

Thanks to all our members, partners, friends and supporters for bringing us to this point – here’s to a thriving future and more impact to come!

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