Completed programmes

Over the years we have run a variety of programmes to help entrepreneurs and enterprises start and scale.

We are excited to grow our offering and make a difference to even more enterprises.

Peer Networks

This fully-funded peer-to-peer programme supports businesses in the food hospitality sector affected by Covid-19. Delivered in partnership with the Greater London Authority and the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, we help cafes, restaurants and pubs to receive tangible insights, find solutions and collaborate with peers who are experiencing similar challenges or opportunities.

Resilience Programme

We have reacted quickly to support social enterprises to pivot and adapt to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

We are currently running a 3 month structured programme to help social entrepreneurs build resilient responses to the current crisis.


STREAM is a two-year programme funded by DFID and implemented by Expertise France in order to support in the creation and capacity building of Libyan start-ups and enterprises.

Impact Hub King’s Cross supports a team of changemakers in Libya to build an entrepreneurship hub in Tripoli. Specifically, we offer our expertise and share the benefit of our global network by delivering consulting and training around community building, space management, business development and sustainability, network building and the incubation of start-ups.


The DICE programme (Developing Inclusive Creative Economies) was an initiative funded by the British Council to help build links and foster knowledge exchange between the UK and other countries.

Dopper Changemaker Challenge

The Dopper Changemaker Challenge seeked the most innovative ideas for a plastic-free future with crystal-clear waters from masters or undergraduate university students. The winner received a £5,000 research grant, promo support and valuable contacts.

The Social Challenges Innovation Platform

Imagine a world where we could easily connect every day societal challenges with the people working hard to create innovative solutions. That’s where The Social Challenges Innovation Platform comes in.

PWC Scale | Impact

PwC and Impact Hub King’s Cross joined forces to accelerate the commercial growth of your business and drive maximum impact.

The main aim was to increase quality education and employment opportunities and contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG4 and SDG8).

AXA | Alcove | Helping health and safety ventures scale globally | Chris King

AXA Accelerator

AXA  teamed up with Impact Hub, to find one venture anywhere in the world that shares the goal of empowering people to live better lives through risk prevention services with real impact on health and safety.

The winner received €50,000 to help scale their initiative, access to AXA executives, in-depth support from an AXA global graduate, a one-week accelerator programme in an EU city to take their initiative to the next level.

Impact Hub King's Cross | Certified BCorp

Becoming a Certified BCORP

In 2017, a responsible business is a good business.

Increasingly, people are demanding more sustainable products and services. They genuinely care about supply chains and the ethics of the business that they are buying from.

In short, they want to buy from responsible and caring suppliers. That’s where being a Certified B Corp comes in.

feelif tablet

EUSIC: Equally Rebooted

The European Social Innovation Competition is a challenge prize run by the European Commission across all European countries.

Organised since 2012 in memory of Diogo Vasconcelos, the competition calls all Europeans to come up with solutions to the problems affecting our society.

U.LAB: Reinventing Democracy From The Emerging Future

Back in September 2016 we hosted a local version of U.Lab: Leading From the Emerging Future to our members and community.

The U.Lab is a program from MITx that develops leadership skills, systemic thinking and collective action. U.Lab is a MOOC designed by the Presencing Institute that incorporates elements such as coaching circles, deep listening, mindfulness and other innovative tools with the aim of co-creating projects for societal change.

Paul Singh | Equal Education

Impact Hub Scaling Programme

In the Impact Hub Scaling initiative, social entrepreneurs and changemakers across 8 Impact Hubs, in Europe have been able to access expertise, training and mentorship in a twelve month programme designed to take their social businesses to the next level of social impact.

Impact Hub Fellowship for Longer Lives

Created in 2013 by AXA, Swiss Re Foundation and Impact Hub, The Impact Hub Fellowship for Longer Lives is part of an international programme to be implemented in Oaxaca, Milan, Madrid and London.


EDUCCKATE has been developed by a transnational consortium specifically set up for the purpose of implementing the project. It involves 11 partners from seven 7 EU Member States with complementary expertise. This 18 month initiative is co-funded by the European Commission to develop innovative training and mentored internship scheme for the support of Higher Education Institutions and businesses.

Ulab | Enterprise programme

U.Lab: Transforming Business, Society, and Self

U.Lab: Transforming Business, Society, and Self is an online course with the ambitious aim of addressing the multiple problems facing society and the planet by approaching these issues from new and different perspectives.


The BENISI partners seek to build a Europe-wide network of networks of incubators for social innovation. This network will proactively identify at least 300 social innovations that are identified with high potential for scaling successfully, and ensure the delivery of necessary support services to those social innovations.

Plastic Fantastic Challenge

Plastic is definitely one of the most fantastic breakthroughs in history. Its low-cost design, flexibility, indefinite lifespan, unbreakable structure and low weight helped us design many products that increased our standard of living enormously. However, the environmental problems caused by plastic waste are disastrous! The Plastic Fantastic Challenge is a European innovation challenge to reduce plastic packaging waste.