Building a European Network of Incubators for Social Innovation
The BENISI partners seek to build a Europe-wide network of networks of incubators for social innovation. This network will proactively identify at least 300 social innovations that are identified with high potential for scaling successfully, and ensure the delivery of necessary support services to those social innovations. Networks are already structured in a collaborative mode; they are more able to spread knowledge and practice horizontally and they are the perfect ally when trying to develop a Europe-wide programme that needs to balance local action with continent-wide strategy and vision.


We are a group of 12 organisations from 7 countries constantly in search for new ideas that can make a social impact. Feel free to learn more about us and come and visit our offices. There are numerous ways YOU can help us with BENISI by:
  • Identifying a Social Innovation
  • Being or testing if your idea or organisation can be qualified as a social innovation
  • Mentoring or coaching dedicated organisations / change makers
  • Spreading a word around and help great ideas find financial support or investment
Below you can find some more ideas how YOU can be involved….   


Get in touch to see how BENISI can help you to reach customers beyond your locality and internationalise your enterprise. Contact us if you want to be scaled-up.


A scaler is someone who is willing to lead the introduction of an existing social innovation in a new market. If you like a social innovation idea, initiative or concept, you can also be its enabler in your country, region or a city!  Let us know if you are interested applying any of the initiatives identified under BENISI.  Fill in this form if you want to be a scaler.  


A mentor is a person who can help a social innovator to build their own capabilities, supporting them in reaching their scaling ambitions.  We're looking for experienced practicioners who are willing to contribute by bringing their valuable experience to our network and becoming a mentor. We are pleased to have already started collaborating with some of the experienced professionals. Even if you do not have large professional experience - you can still bring an added vlaue to social innovations that need you! Please check out our cases and see if there is a particular social innovation that is of interest to you.   Fill in this form if you want to be a mentor.  


Contact us to gain access to potential social innovators' business plans. Contact us if you want to invest.    

UK Cohort


BridgeGlobal helps young people into work by providing them international work experience.

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Campaign Bootcamp

Campaign Bootcamp gives campaigners the skills, confidence and network they need to run progressive campaigns that build a fa…

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CrowdSkills (Aha Creative Ltd)

Aha Creative aims to tackle youth unemployment connecting job seekers to paid freelance projects.

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Integrating aquaponic fish farming, hydroponics, poultry and mushrooms – all growing in high yield, environmentally friendl…

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Filisia Interfaces

Filisia uses interactive technology, music and games to motivate people with disabilities in their rehabilitation process.

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ForCommonCause.org allows donors and volunteers to communicate directly with people who are economically disadvantaged to he…

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Give Me Tap

Give Me Tap: clean drinking water for africa subsidised by UK tap water business & campaign.

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GrowUp Urban Farms Ltd

GrowUp is an urban farming business that produces fresh salads, herbs and fish using a combination of aquaponics and vertical…

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Insane Logic

Insane Logic creates mobile tools to aid and support language acquisition and people with speech and language difficulties to…

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Inspire Foundation

Inspire Foundation's aim is to equip young adults with essential life skills – resulting in employment and a voluntary…

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Karisma Kidz Ltd

Karisma Kidz is a multi-award-winning brand that helps young children (aged 3-9) develop emotional intelligence.

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Much Better Foundation

Marketplace for local business provide holidays package for tourist, money go direct to the local communities.

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On Purpose

Developing leaders for social enterprise.

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Open Cinema

Open Cinema is a film studio for excluded communities.

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Patient Opinion

The UK's independent non-profit feedback platform for health and social care. Share your story - help make our services …

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Practivate Ltd

Practivate Ltd designs, develops and delivers social impact programming through social enterprise career building and entrepr…

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RubyMoon is a social enterprise that benefits women entrepreneurs in developing nations.

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See What I Mean

The See What I Mean App is an innovative solution to communication problems for people living with dementia.

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SpeakSet connects older people to their support network through simplified video calling on the TV.

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Stand Alone Charity

Stand Alone Charity runs groups that connect adults that are estranged from their families in their localities.

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Stickyboard aims to be the world’s local web developer. We build sites and platforms for local organisations and reinvest h…

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Stour Space

Stour Space is a socially minded organisation offering exhibition, performance and studio space for the development of creati…

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Responsible tour operator and social enterprise specialised in community-based eco-tourism.

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Trading Times

Trading Times is an online skills-matching service – connecting the skills, experience & availability of over-50s with …

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Two Fingers Brewing Co

Two Fingers Brewing Co. is the only beer brand that gives back to the men that drink it, by giving all profits to prostate ca…

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Visbuzz makes video calling very simple for those who don’t use computers or who can’t use computers. It is designed to i…

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we walk the line

We Walk the Line

We Walk the Line empowers tomorrow’s entrepreneurs with business and barista skills. We are a not-for-profit social enterpr…

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Bikeworks is a London based not for profit social enterprise that uses cycling as a tool to tackle social and environmental c…

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Other programmes


Impact Hub King’s Cross have joined forces with the EOI European Coworkings Programme to help Spanish entrepreneurs grow and scale internationally. By providing expert support and advice from experienced business mentors Impact Hub King’s Cross have joined 16 other organisations in 13 European Countries all dedicated to helping fledgling enterprises reach their full potential. Read more

Want to be a certified B Corp?

In 2017, a responsible business is a good business. Increasingly, people are demanding more sustainable products and services. They genuinely care about supply chains and the ethics of the business that they are buying from. In short, they want to…

EUSIC : Equally Rebooted

The European Social Innovation Competition is a challenge prize run by the European Commission across all European countries, now in its fifth year. Organised since 2012 in memory of Diogo Vasconcelos, the competition calls all Europeans to come up with…

AXA Accelerator

This year, AXA has teamed up with Impact Hub, to find one venture anywhere in the world that shares the goal of empowering people to live better lives through risk prevention services with real impact on health and safety. The…

U.Lab: Reinventing Democracy from the Emerging Future

Plastic Fantastic Challenge

U.LAB 2015

Impact Lab

Impact Hub Scaling


The Educckate project aims to develop an innovative training and mentored internship scheme for the support of Higher Education Institutions and businesses, the cultivation of entrepreneurial mindset of students and graduates and the promotion of entrepreneurship. Read more


Impact Hub King's Cross joins a cluster of Impact Hubs to support social innovators to meet Europe’s challenges. To build a Europe-wide network of incubators capable of identifying the most impactful social innovations – new solutions to Europe’s most pressing social and environmental needs – and to deliver those support services that are necessary to help them scale successfully across the continent. Read more

Fellowship For Longer Lives

Together with AXA and Swiss Re Foundation, Impact Hub launched a global Impact Hub Fellowship, to enable entrepreneurs with innovative solutions, to address the challenges of the increase in human’s life expectancy and demographic ageing. The Impact Hub Fellowship for Longer Lives, implemented in four different cities and countries, will nominate up to twelve initiatives and award four of them with a one year fellowship, gaining access to seed funding, focused skill development, valuable networks and a stimulating workspace at Impact Hub. Read more