U.Lab at Impact Hub King’s Cross

Starting September 8th, Impact Hub King’s Cross will offer a streamlined, local version of U.Lab: Leading From the Emerging Future to our members and community. The U.Lab is a program from MITx that develops leadership skills, systemic thinking and collective action.

U.Lab is a MOOC designed by the Presencing Institute that incorporates elements such as coaching circles, deep listening, mindfulness and other innovative tools with the aim of co-creating projects for societal change.

For those wondering about u.lab 0x, the 90-minute self-paced course that is a pre-requisite to this course, you can register here. The course launches on August 15th.

Reinventing Democracy from the Emerging Future

This year the King’s Cross U.Lab Hub will focus on a specific theme: “Reinventing Democracy from the Emerging Future”.

We are living in unpredictable times. It is becoming clear that established systems of Government and Democracy are struggling to adapt to the seismic forces that are giving rise to political outcomes such as Brexit and social threats like Terrorism, Climate Change etc.

Given these challenges numerous questions arise such as:

  • How can democracy be reinvented so that everyone feels they have a stake in it and in society?
  • How can we create a (local, national, global) democracy in which people feel empowered, listened to and willing to participate?
  • How do we as changemakers make an impact on systems that feel outdated and stuck?
  U.Lab provides a framework for engaging with such questions through sensing and actualising emerging future possibilities rather than reacting to (and thereby perpetuating) the patterns of the past.

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