Welcoming Camille to the Team

We are so glad to welcome Camille Goetz to the Impact Hub Kings Cross family as our new Programmes Assistant for our Feeding the City support

16 January 2020 | kingscross
First online Food Talks discusses Impact of COVID on our food systems

Oh the irony! As a consequence of the Coronavirus we decided to reschedule our first Food Talks event of 2020 covering the topic ‘How food can save

02 April 2020 | kingscross
Meet our Feeding the City Accelerate 2020 Cohort

We’re facing big food challenges from food waste, to insecurity and climate change, but innovative food enterprises are making a difference! We

27 February 2020 | kingscross
We Believe in the Living Wage

Impact Hub King’s Cross has a been paying its team (including temporary and contract staff) London Living Wage or higher rates for many years, but

21 February 2020 | kingscross
Redefining Charitable Giving

The world and the way people give is changing, and charities need to remain adaptive to continue making a difference in people’s lives.  To

13 February 2020 | kingscross
Big Ideas at Feeding the City Start Up Ideation Workshop

The UK is rapidly urbanising, and we’re struggling to feed ourselves sustainably. But luckily there are so many amazing budding entrepreneurs and

11 February 2020 | kingscross
Welcoming Jessica to the Team

We are so happy to welcome Jessica Russell to the Impact Hub Kings Cross family, as our new Communications Manager. We sat down for a chat so that

17 December 2019 | kingscross
Tackling poverty holistically with the Rural and Agricultural Finance Learning Lab

This month we're diving into Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) #1 - No Poverty. SDG #1 is a big objective to tackle before 2030 and sadly we are

19 July 2019 | kingscross