Announcing Our New Board Members

Times of change require new insights. As we head into a new phase of building back better, we could not be happier to welcome a new group of Board

15 September 2021 | kingscross
12 Solutions to London’s Food Challenge – Feeding the City Start Up 2021

London’s food system is at a pivotal point. The pandemic confronted many with its flaws and inequalities, while Brexit continues to threaten our

25 August 2021 | kingscross
Supporting Businesses: New Programme Advisory Board

Our business support programmes are continuously growing and evolving. To support the strategy and direction of these activities, we have put

12 July 2021 | kingscross
Pride in Our Members’ Work

June's multicoloured flags are just one of the many characteristics of Pride Month. Now celebrating the LGBTQ+ communities all around the world, it

21 June 2021 | kingscross
At the intersection of Pride and Refugee Week: Say It Loud Club

In this guest blog, our member Holly from Say it Loud Club shares the importance of promoting inclusivity at the intersection of two

16 June 2021 | kingscross
The Refugees Rising Through Enterprise

Refugee Week is a UK-wide festival celebrating the contributions, creativity, and resilience of refugees and people seeking sanctuary. We're

14 June 2021 | kingscross
Meet the Feeding the City Accelerate 2021 Cohort!

For the second year running, we're delighted to welcome a new Feeding the City Accelerate cohort! Over the next 6 months, these ethical food

11 May 2021 | kingscross
Route to Net Zero: embracing the imperfect

Our Managing Director Devi Clark highlights why it might be time to embrace imperfect action, and what the next steps are at Impact Hub King's Cross

11 February 2021 | kingscross