New Roots Stories: Helping Communities Talk About Ethnic Identity

Zey Binboga is the Programmes Manager at Kurdish House London. Last year she became a participant on New Roots, our programme for aspiring

18 November 2021 | kingscross
New Roots Stories: The Entrepreneur Driving Action on Air Pollution

In 2013 a 9-year-old girl from London, Ella Kissi-Debrah, sadly passed away due to an asthma attack and became the first person in the UK to have air

09 November 2021 | kingscross
There’s no I in COP26: 7 Examples of Climate Collaboration

This week we're seeing global leaders from across the world gather for the COP26 conference, to help shape the future of our climate. What's evident

01 November 2021 | kingscross
From Idea to Start-Up: 6 Ethical Food Teams Selected

After 3 months of seeding new ideas, 6 out of 12 teams have been selected to join the Feeding the City: Start Up Cohort 2021. Powered by Bank of

24 October 2021 | kingscross
Good COP, bad COP: Why inaction on food systems should be ‘unthinkable’

In this guest blog, Jim Manson shares highlights from our recent #FoodTalks about the need for COP26 to prioritise action on transforming food

29 September 2021 | kingscross
8 Lessons For My Younger Self – Ashmeet Kapoor

As kids head back to the classroom, take some time to reflect on your own learning. Get some inspiration from our member and life coach Ashmeet

28 September 2021 | kingscross
Announcing Our New Board Members

Times of change require new insights. As we head into a new phase of building back better, we could not be happier to welcome a new group of Board

15 September 2021 | kingscross
12 Solutions to London’s Food Challenge – Feeding the City Start Up 2021

London’s food system is at a pivotal point. The pandemic confronted many with its flaws and inequalities, while Brexit continues to threaten our

25 August 2021 | kingscross