STREAM is a two-year programme funded by Department of International Development and implemented by Expertise France in order to support in the creation and capacity building of Libyan start-ups and enterprises.

Impact Hub King’s Cross will be supporting a team of changemakers in Libya to build an entrepreneurship hub in Tripoli.

Specifically, we will be offering our expertise and sharing the benefit of our global network by delivering consulting and trainings around community building, space management, business development and sustainability, network building and the incubation of start-ups.

What this means...

We will be bringing together experts from Impact Hub King’s Cross and the global network to share our best practice methodologies including on how to support entrepreneurs and develop their own community.

This includes looking at the long-term goals for the entrepreneurship hub and how they will achieve sustainability.

Business support

Business coaching

Insights and toolkits

We will be offering in person training in the UK.

The team will receive regular phone calls from experts that specialise in the different aspects of business development.

The team will have regular monthly calls with a business coach to assess the development of the Tripoli team and to flag any expertise that is needed.

We will be on hand to support the team in creating prototypes, design their governance systems and business model and to map the local entrepreneurial ecosystem in Tripoli.

We will be gathering insights and toolkits regarding best practice from our global network, including visits and trainings in Vienna, Tunisia and more.

Creating impact by supporting businesses for good

We offer a variety of programmes at a local, national and international level. These programmes are aimed at people who want to start or scale up.