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Eating well – it’s more than just what you eat but when, where, why and how!

The world is full of endless information advising us how to lose weight, stay healthy, avoid disease and live longer.   All have different authors, with different views and different favourite super foods. The one thing they have in common? They… More

Workers: Who is going to make our food?

  Hundreds and thousands of food workers have planted, fished, hauled, picked, packed, chopped, filled, repacked, boxed, delivered and served our food this winter. Did they get decent wages and civilized working conditions? After all, that’s the big question at… More

Food Talks : Waist-ful society?

Waste of energy, waste of space, waste of time…. Food waste matters. Defining food waste isn’t as simple as one might first think. There are important distinctions to be made between food losses and food waste, between avoidable and unavoidable… More